We went for a walk around our local town today. We were going to walk along the river front but came upon a notice saying that walk was closed for 10 weeks due to flood damage so did a circular walk instead.
So here are some photos of things we came across on our walk.







Happy weekend.

7 thoughts on “Spring Walk photos.

  1. Such an adorable little girl! The flowers are beautiful! Is that an old gasoline pump? And, the windows were also beautiful! Looks like it was a nice and photo successful walk.

    1. Thanks! That’s my youngest, she was pleased with finding that banana shaped fir cone. Sadly the flowers weren’t the best specimens, that is an old pump, found it in a yard on our walk. The window is from the local Anglican Church tower, was a great walk but the photos were taken on my phone so not the best.

    1. To get the URL you right click on the image and copy image or copy image URL. I don’t know if there is a guide for downloading WordPress widgets on Google? If I’m stuck I usually post it as a question into Google. Sorry not to be more clear. It’s hard explaining this way. Versatile blogger also had a guide.

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