According to the  Department for Work and Pensions “there is no robust evidence that welfare reforms are driving people to rely on food banks”.
I want to tell these people to get their heads out of the ground because they clearly don’t live in the real world.
In the town where we live and in the churches we are involved in people are increasingly reliant on food banks for their weekly food.

Despite being in receipt of benefits claimants are finding that the soaring costs of food and petrol and heating are prohibitive.

Indeed, Oxfam Scotland released a news item today that some people are in the position of having to take food items back to food banks because they don’t have credit on their electric meters to cook their food.

This breaks my heart. Where is our compassion to our fellow man that we close our own doors instead of helping those in need?

The divide between the rich and poor is growing. The schemes the governments are implementing clearly are not working.

I know there will always be some people who will take advantage of the benefits system and refuse to work when they could do so but the majority of people are on benefits as a last resort or to top up their meagre minimum wage earnings.

I wish this government would try  surviving on benefits for a week then they might see the difficulties involved.

Food banks exist because they are necessary and not as a luxury. I despair sometimes that we’re headed back to the days of the work houses when parents will have to send their children away because they can’t afford to keep them.

For any who might say they should think of that before they have more than one child well perhaps that is true but the truth is none of us know what may happen in our lives and we are almost all of us only one or two paychecks away from being destitute ourselves.

It should never have to come to a point where a parent has to go without food so their children can eat….

Although I know we would all do that in a heartbeat if necessary.


2 thoughts on “Food or heating?

  1. Excellent Suzi! It is the same way here in the United States. So many people complaining about all the people that are on food stamps and government programs. They didn’t complain when billions of our tax dollars went to bail out banks, automobile industries, and other businesses. The price of food and gasoline here is enormous. People have to eat. If the people are drug heads or whatever, then so be it, their children have to eat. Good for you for speaking out!

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