One of my guilty pleasures is watching “housey” programmes. Whether they are about people searching for a new home, trying to sell theirs, doing a complete makeover or searching for a bolt hole in the sun.. I love them all.

There’s something exciting about vicariously sharing other people’s lives, a sneak peek into what makes them tick.

I think I enjoy them more because we are not in a position to buy a house at the moment. Although our home is spacious and  beautiful with lots of original features it is rented so other than dressing it and painting the walls there is never much we can do to it.

I regret not being savvy enough to buy a house when we were first married and houses were so much cheaper..

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Many of these house programmes feature couples or families with very  specific search parameters. They all seem to have a huge checklist of what they want and most people are unable to compromise between what they can afford and the location they’re after.

I’m always surprised when I watch these programmes and people are put off by the previous owners decor etc. It’s as if they have no vision and unless it’s all a magnolia blank canvas they can’t imagine it any other way!

I particularly enjoy watching these shows when the people buying or making over have a big budget financially. They can go for furnishings and fittings I can only dream of.

Of course it’s worth remembering being grateful for what we have though.

A couple of years ago we were living in damp temporary accommodation. We were having to sleep on mattresses on the living room floor because the bedrooms couldn’t be slept in. We’ve come a long way since then!


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of home.

  1. Love the post! I enjoy these shows also, but I remember sleeping in my coleman tent for two weeks, a trashy trailer, and then the motel. Now, my little rental with no central heat or air, the cracks that let in the breezes, and all the rest…seems like a palace! Perspective is awesome!

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