As a would be writer and author I am of the opinion that it is necessary to practice all disciplines of writing in order to become successful at my craft.

There is no doubt however that some types of writing are easier to manage than others.

I naturally gravitate toward conversational posts but I like dabbling in poetry and fiction writing.  There is a form of  escapism in those genres that I don’t feel in others.

Do you think in order to be a published author that you need to excel at all forms of writing? Is it good discipline to write something every day? Or should you only wait till the muse strikes?

What form of writing do you find most difficult?

Is it true that “a writer writes?” or is it not as simple as that? And what is the difference between a published author and a blogger like myself? Is it sheer hard work on their part? Or luck? Or a good agent? Or can anyone be a published author with enough determination ?

Apologies for all the questions. Just thinking out loud!


4 thoughts on “Should writers practice all forms of writing?

  1. Love your questions! I am not one to share my other forms of writing, but I am inspired to write poetry and fiction. As far as writing, I put my bum in the seat every day for 4 hours. It’s a lot of time, but I have found that if I wait until the inspiration comes, it may not happen while I’m waiting doing something else.

    1. Thanks. 4 hours is amazing. I need to spend much longer thinking about what I’m going to post. Sadly it often gets slotted in between other things. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Can’t answer these questions, but I don’t see why an author has to be able to write in all forms of writing. Seems to me, if they don’t like writing poetry, why should it keep them from writing a novel?

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