I  am a complete contradiction in terms. I love Administration and will happily spend hours doing it for somebody else. However when it comes time to fill in forms or make important phonecalls for myself I almost have to be stapled to the desk! There are a hundred and one other things I would rather be doing, even if it’s only gazing vacantly out of the window….

Why is this?

I know these things have to be done. Calls need to be made, forms need to be filled in but still I procrastinate right until the very last minute which has landed me in trouble before. When I take the time to sort out issues early I’m usually grateful and it’s another thing to tick off on my mental to do list.

I think I am able to do these tasks for other people because there is a feel good factor involved. A warm fuzzy glow because I’ve helped a friend out. Whereas doing it for myself is just another chore to be done and no real sense of achievement after.

As I have just started working again after a break there are a number of people who need informing because it affects our benefits coming in. Truth be told I don’t anticipate being any better off  financially at all but I will enjoy being out of the house a few times a week.  I will have the chance to have conversations that don’t happen at home and even just being in a different environment and being able to say “yes I do go out to work part time” will enhance my self esteem.

I guess, when it comes down to it, form filling and phone call making are a necessary evil to be endured.   ..

Till next time.


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