It was the day of my wedding. We’d had the ceremony and reception and photos and I was getting dressed in my going away outfit.
As it came time to say our goodbyes I was filled with mixed emotions. I was ecstatically happy and yet instead of being desperate to get away to the honeymoon suite part of me wanted to stay and continue mingling with the guests and my family.

I was torn. I knew it was right and indeed I wanted to go and be with my husband but it was a bittersweet parting from my mum. For years we had only had each other. She was thrust into being a single parent when I was very young. I felt guilty knowing she would go home and be alone, guilty that I had put what I wanted first even though she never did anything but encourage my marriage. I was sad also because I knew the next time I saw her our relationship would be different. I would be a married woman.

All of this happened almost 20 years ago but if I look back and reflect on that day despite the happy memories there is a residual tinge of sadness at our parting and the close of that era.


13 thoughts on “A different kind of goodbye.

  1. You and your mother must have been very close. Most young women can’t wait to get away! With it just being the two of you I can see why it would be hard for you to leave.

    1. We were very close, still are but obviously it’s different now. For many years she was my sole parent and my brother moved out when I was 12 so we had another 12 years alone then.

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