I wondered who she was, this woman at the gym. She seemed so into herself and what she was doing. She looked like she was performing for everyone who came in through the door. Every time she raised a dumbbell or lifted weights she studied her reflection in the mirror, preening and posturing.

That’s what I thought this morning when I went to the gym for the first time. I knew there would be men and women who would easily make me look bad because they were so fit and toned. And there were. Like the picture I posted in the week some of them looked like they were done already and didn’t need to be there.

Mostly though the people were nice enough and just busy getting on with their own thing.

I had a great time. It felt good to push my body for once and although I’m aching now it will be worth it and I can see it being a long term thing.

And that woman this morning? Perhaps I misjudged her. Perhaps she’s not in love with herself and how she appears. Perhaps her appearance is the only thing in her life she can control….

Who knows and who am I to judge anyway?


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