I came across this lovely pin on Pinterest just now and it got me thinking.


So often I pray selfish prayers for my own desires or quick arrow prayers to get me out of sticky situations but I don’t often wonder what’s on God’s agenda for my prayer list.

There ARE things in my life that break my heart, these are the burdens and secrets we all carry and don’t share with others.

I try to follow the news and the big stories of the day. I look out for examples of social injustice and wars and world disasters and do pray for them but….. There is so much more I could do.

The truth is I spend my time following my own selfish choices. If I genuinely believe that prayer does and can change things then I need to be doing a lot more of it. Prayer is meant to be a 2 way conversation between me and God, perhaps it’s beyond time I started listening to what He is saying.

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