I’m a fan of :-

Tardis blue nail polish- gives me occasion to smile when I need to be adult and serious.

Long hazy Summer days – memories of lying on the freshly mown crisped grass, head on my arms, eyes drifting off into sleep.

Poetry- that moves me to tears and soothes my soul.

Bad food – ice cream and brownies and cakes and biscuits and sweeties. Oh my.

Pyjama DVD days- spending all day in our PJs and  goggleboxing. Bliss.

Coming into the house and locking the world out – knowing all the family are home and accounted for and we don’t have to see anyone else unless we want to.

Reading- always.

God- ditto.

Laughing- necessary for relieving stress and making me realise there are things to look forward to.

Cuddles – just being held. By my husband and my babies.

You- interacting and commenting and following my blog. Thank you.


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