Living to a different beat

I was 12, we were living in a third floor flat at the time and were used to the occasional bangs and crashes that came from overhead. This particular night I had already gone to bed but was awoken about midnight by the sound of music and laughing and thumping drifting down from upstairs.

My Mother was awake too and she’d gone upstairs to complain about the noise but they’d just laughed and promised vaguely to turn the sound down.

They were usually considerate neighbours so we decided to let it go this time and just enjoy the music. We must have been awake talking and giggling and dancing to their music for at least 3 hours. I still recall the memory now……

Not entirely sure why it’s stuck in my mind so long.

In my teenage years my mother bought a second hand record player that played 7 inch and 12 inch discs. She had a small selection of Cliff Richard records and others including Johnny Mathis. These were the sounds of my childhood and I loved them despite them being 20 years or so out of date. I memorised the lyrics and we would play the records and my brother would do this weird finger dance that he denies to this day!

In 1983 I grew interested in the radio, had my own walkman and went to sleep with my headphones on listening to Capital radio FM ( I grew up in London). My choice of listening then was typical teenage fodder, Wham and George Michael and other myriad boy bands. Then my tastes progressed to Harry Connick Jr and his big band swing music. Musical theatre interests followed and today I vacillate between mostly easy listening like Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Lady Antebellum and contemporary Christian worship music. I also find myself being attracted to some of the music my teenage daughter listens to.

Looking back I’m sure the music of my childhood had some amount of influence on me but it was not pervasive enough to continue today.

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