I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing moments, in fact thinking about some of them now still makes me redden in agony. I would like to think I’ve outgrown my clumsy and awkward ways but that’s patently untrue.

Just last week I was at the swimming pool with hubby and kids… We’d finished our swim and were en route to the changing rooms when someone I thought was my husband seemed to beckon me over to the health suite showers. Remember now that I’m very short sighted and don’t wear glasses to the pool. Thinking he’d given the care of our youngest daughters to my eldest child and was wanting to check out the rainfall shower that’s part of our new gym membership I was about to saunter over to investigate also. But hold on, for once my brain said something like this

“Are you entirely sure that’s hubby? Don’t you want to be certain first?”

Perhaps I’m learning at last. Checked with my son (who can actually see!) and it wasn’t my husband. Embarrassing moment averted. My friend’s have been dining out on this story. In fact one of them thought it would be funny to bring it up in bible study!

Here are a few more moments.

When I was a teenager I did a high kick cheerleader style in front of a boy I liked and overreached myself and landed up on my bum right in front of him. No way back from that.

I split the back of my work skirt at the start of a shift and having nothing to change into had to wear it all day and travel home on the train with my jacket tied around my waist over it in a cover up attempt. What’s worse is I only realised it was split when someone else pointed it out.

I fell the entire flight of the wooden staircase at my boyfriend’s house in full view of his parents. I blame it on my socks.


After coming home late from a party I swore blind to my Mother I wasn’t drunk and then vomited on my shoes.

Had a very short hair cut and got mistaken for a boy whilst wearing a skirt!

Whilst wearing an incognito pair of headphones at school forgot myself and sang out loud in the classroom.

Invited a boyfriend over for food but forgot to set the oven timer so the chicken remained raw.

Fell up the stairs this time on some concrete steps and had huge bruises for ages.

For  some obscure reason brought up the subject of childbirth at an Alpha course. I know I had a point to make, don’t know what it was


These are only a fraction of my cringe worthy moments. Last Sunday in the midst of an animated conversation I managed to spill coffee on myself AND my friend next to me. Thankfully she was gracious about it.

I really shouldn’t be allowed out on my own….. Sigh.

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