The last time I suffered from depression a good friend of mine told me ” to put my feet up with a glass of wine and some chocolate and a new book and I’d soon feel much better” .

I know she meant well but it wasn’t as simple as that. I wish it had been….

For her , when she got an occasional touch of the blues those were the methods that worked for her. Spoiling herself, giving herself a treat.

Thankfully it’s been a long time since I was that prone to depression but I still suffer an occasional case of the blues. It’s usually only a couple of sad days and I feel it before it hits. There isn’t always an obvious reason it occurs….

To be truthful  I don’t have a set way of dealing with the blues. Different measures work at different times. Sometimes I try to get away for a little “me” time. Sometimes getting out in the fresh air for a brisk walk helps.

The only thing I try to remember each time this happens is that this feeling won’t last and I won’t always feel this way. That usually brings me through.


Image from Pinterest .

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