I pinned this on to my board last night. I was reminded of the verse “get rid of all slander, malice and bitterness….” I suddenly recalled a huge list of people I was bitter against and hadn’t really been aware of. People that I blame for our present  situation. We’re struggling at the moment and this pin is really what I needed to focus on.



22 thoughts on “Faith increaser.

  1. I have a hard time with that as well. I am struggling with resentments toward family members that stabbed me in the back. I am learning to let it go. It isn’t always easy to do.

  2. Bitterness and unforgiveness…it’s like drinking poison trying to hurt the other person. We are the only ones it really hurts…I am learning to send light, love and forgiveness when someone hurts me, and my peace returns. Thanks for the great post. 🙂

      1. We still have a roof over our heads…so for today, all is well! I won’t worry about tomorrow. Thanks for asking..love you!

  3. Even situations you find yourself in that are completely out if your control? I have been struggling with something for over a year now. I have developed a severe anxiety / fear of germs. I have tried therapy & meds but nothing works. Help! Please!

    1. Hi. I’m sorry to hear about your anxiety/ fear of germs. I do believe that God can heal that and will pray accordingly but it would be wrong for me to say I’m in any way qualified to know what you’re going through. If however there is any encouragement from knowing you are not alone, I too am going through a situation in life way beyond my control…. Take heart and hang in there. Sorry if that sounds trite… It’s not meant to.

      1. I once had a very great fear of dying. A combination approach helped. An understanding friend to talk to, praying, putting on the armour of God to protect my thoughts and a course of anti depressants. Also physical exercise helps…

      2. Antidepressants don’t help me, im not sure why. They create more anxiety. My biggest fear right now, silly as this sounds, is the bathroom. I know that what im fearing happens to everyone but I don’t ever remember it happening before, my friend keeps telling me that I just never cared before…

      3. Your friend is probably right. When we’re fearful about things they are magnified. It’s a good thing to know what triggers your fears and how to distract your mind if possible.

      4. They do have that effect on some unfortunately. I’m sure there is an answer, I’m sorry I’m not able to help more. It must be very difficult.

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