There are 6 of us in our family and we all seem to have a slight tendency to hoard things. This means that our 3 storey house is groaning at the seams almost with stuff. We even have a cupboard on our stairs that is full of boxes from when we moved in 18 months ago that haven’t been unpacked yet!

The reasonable thing to do in those circumstances would be to reason that if we’ve not used or missed those things in that timescale we should get rid of them. That’s what my husband would like to do, just take it all up the tip. I’m reluctant though because I know there’s probably possessions in there I do want.

We do have quite regular clear outs and I’m not one of those people who has to buy something in every shop I visit just for the buzz so I don’t think it’s out of control. However, I do feel guilty when I think how little some people have and how much we have. It’s a real problem for many of us in this day and age. I think back to when I was a kid, yes there were things I wanted but I don’t feel I missed out by not having them.

It is important to remember that possessions are only inanimate things, they can’t bring us ultimate happiness or satisfaction. They can merely help to pass the time.

In some respects the problem is the more we have the more we want.

I went into a shop today and was filled with longing and coveting for some cute things I didn’t have. Fortunately I didn’t have my purse with me and money is tight anyway and the craving passed once I was out of the shop.

I just have to remind myself on occasion that whilst it’s OK to desire new things I mustn’t let that desire get out of control.

The wise adage of asking yourself whether you really need something before you buy it is a good attitude to adopt along with the one in, one out rule.

2 thoughts on “Why the plethora of possessions?

  1. I can so related to your post! I have boxes in the garage that I haven’t opened in years. I know that one of them has classic books from my great aunt so I can’t even THINK of getting rid of them! Sometimes, just thinking about the people who lack food or a roof over their heads really helps me. I also use the “sleep on it” method. If I don’t want the thing the next day, I’m happy I didn’t purchase it!

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