I will never understand people who have children and then treat them as an inconvenience.

We went swimming this evening. We always spend part of our time in the toddler pool and part in the main pool as our children are at varying levels of ability at the moment.

The whole time we were there this young boy was on his own in the toddler pool while his parents hopped between the big pool and the sauna and the steam room. At no point could I see they were watching out for him. He wasn’t even a totally confident swimmer.
I’m sorry I’m being judgemental but I really felt for him. I know  parenting is hard and we all need a break from time to time but our time for that is when the kids are not around.

I’m not claiming to be perfect but I do wish some parents would “parent”.

By the way we informed the life guard before we went. He probably thought we were busybody’s but at least he was keeping an eye on the boy.


3 thoughts on “Mini rant…

    1. Hey PJ. You ok? Not chatted to you for a while. Just saw yesterday a post where you nominated me for an award. Goodness knows why I didn’t see it earlier. Thanks for that. Hope you’re ok? Suzi x

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