I was really dreading going to the gym and the thought of exercising in front of other people. I thought people would be judgemental about my figure and how I look. I thought all my wobbly bits and my body insecurities would be on display for the world to see.

In reality what I have learnt is that people really aren’t bothered by me. They’re too busy focusing on themselves and their own exercising. Such knowledge has been freeing.

Even more strange has been the realisation that I’m actually enjoying exercising and eating better and taking better control of my habits. I have so far to go but I’m loving the process.

Don’t get me wrong, I still won’t run on the treadmill. I hate running anyway….

I really do feel as if someone has taken over my personality. I’ve never been so keen on exercising before. I know, in part, this is due to the fact that it’s still a novelty but I hope I will still feel the same in 6 months time.

I guess it’s true that exercise produces hormones that make you feel good….

In fact if I can’t make my gym appointments I feel cheated… Quick call the government, the bodysnatchers are here!!


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