I’ve said it before but I’ll reiterate it here and now, I’m not a terribly ambitious person. I have no yearning to walk on the moon, no desire to be famous, no hankering to uncover the mysteries of the universe. In short I’m either lazy or content to just be who I am.

I do have a desire for self improvement and I would like to write and publish at least one book and I want my children to grow up happy and healthy but that’s about it.

There is a great movement being heralded at the moment about not settling in any area of your life… This would imply that it’s possible to have it all but it’s really not.

Even on Pinterest  there are pins about how we all deserve a remarkable love life which goes on to state that unless the love between two people is amazing and momentous it’s not worth pursuing. Phooey.

There is so much to be said for a love that is comfortable and worn in. A love that has been tried and tested and proved. It’s not possible to stay in that honeymoon stage. Real life has a habit of getting in the way. There is also something wonderful about looking at your partner afresh and experiencing those butterflies again. I suppose what I’m saying is what is wrong with settling? In any area of your life?

I love new clothes and new crisp sheets but give me a pair of soft worn a hundred times jeans that are comfy in all the right places and I’m happy.

Give me a beach and a walk that I’ve done a myriad of times and I’m happy.

Give me a coffee and a setting the world to rights with friends that I’ve repeated the scenario with many times and I’m happy.

Give me a curling up with a book and a coffee whilst my husband opposite me does the same and I’m happy.

Give me a musical and the kids and I will sing all the lyrics robustly and wrongly and still be happy.

Don’t go searching for an elusive love or job or far flung place because others say you must. Realise what is under your nose and on your own doorstep.

You cannot have it all. Even the Jones’s don’t have it all. So stop breeding discontent in your life.

It’s not settling, it’s being practical and giving yourself peace.

And finally, don’t concentrate so much on what you desire in this life that you forget about the next…


9 thoughts on “What’s wrong with settling?

  1. I totally agree! It is surely why so may people are dissatisfied with life – you have to have a certain amount of realism or you’ll be permanently disappointed.

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