Tonight, in church we were discussing putting on our spiritual armour as spoken of by Paul in his letter to the Ephesians.

This excerpt about armour talks of several spiritual weapons that are necessary to don  when we know we will be facing a spiritual battle. Weapons that protect the heart, the minds, our thought life and so on.

It’s important for us to realise that we don’t have to accept or embrace every thought that comes into our mind. We also don’t have to take on board every temptation that crosses our paths either. It’s not wrong to be tempted, even Jesus was tempted, it’s what we do with the temptation that counts. Whether we send it packing or dwell on it and then eventually sin.

In the same way we don’t have to allow every thought that comes across our minds to stay there. Thoughts such as “I’m no good”, ” I’ll never amount to anything ” and a biggie for most people “if people knew what I was really like they wouldn’t like me”.

These are like fiery arrows that dart into our thoughts. Indeed that is what Christians believe most of them are.

When you are having difficulties with your thought life or temptations it’s important to have strategies to cope.

Whether these are putting on our spiritual armour as Christians metaphorically do or distracting our minds or exercising, whatever works for you be sure to implement your strategies.

Then you will be able to resist these slings and arrows that come.

If you want to know more about a Christian’s spiritual armour this passage can be found in Ephesians 6.


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