I’m not great at being in crowds or talking to lots of people in real life. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy blogging. It’s a way to talk to lots of people without the social anxiety of face to face interactions.

I would say I fit the introvert mould easily and whilst I can deal with intense talk and small groups for a short while I always feel I need to regroup after and catch my breath.
This morning, after a coffee together, my husband needed to go and sort a problem with the car so he left me alone in the coffee shop. Well I say alone, there were probably fifty others there also.

I was very insecure and self conscious as a young girl and hated being anywhere by myself. A situation like I’ve just described would have sent me scuttling for the safety of home.

I still find it a relief to come home from my day and lock the front door and shut the world out. Not because I don’t like people but because social interaction takes it out of me. I’ve said previously I detest small talk although I know it’s necessary to some degree , for example, work. It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to be having deep and meaningful conversations with all my customers.

I do enjoy being older and having figured myself out pretty much. The things that phased me as a young woman barely bother me now. I have developed a little of a not bothered attitude to some situations that used to really upset me and I feel better for it.

My husband is the extrovert in our marriage and I suppose 17 years together has made me more bold sometimes and him less likely to be flippant.

It’s a real joy to be able to be content in your own company. We all need each other but I personally find I’m more able to give out when I’ve had space and time to unwind first.

How about you guys? Can you spend hours with others or do you like your own company too?


9 thoughts on “Alone again, naturally.

  1. From one introvert to another, I know exactly what you’re talking about! I’m thoroughly depleted when I’m around a group of people and need to alone for days to recharge. I also have a very difficult time with “small talk.” I much prefer to have a deep conversation with one or two close friends.
    I’m very comfortable in my own skin, although it took my a while to get here. I much prefer to be alone with a good book or my Kindle and Netflix on a Saturday evening than to go out to a party or gathering of more than 4 people.
    And I’m in total agreement with you about blogging: “It’s a way to talk to lots of people without the social anxiety of face to face interactions.” I’ve also made a few real friends out there in cyberspace. We’ve moved from blogging comments to private emails. I’m hoping one of these to actually meeting them face to face – one-on-one, that is!

  2. There’s a meme going around social media that says, “I’m not anti-social, I’m selectively social. There’s a huge difference.” I do enjoy my own company, and I especially love my husband’s company. The things that were done to me as a child have made trust a very hard thing to give to others. My trust is very hard to earn. I don’t like small talk very much, myself. But my mother was a champion of it, and I suppose I learned it via osmosis. I would still prefer not to have to speak to other people unless it was absolutely necessary.

    1. I can relate to that meme. With close friends and family I can interact and chat for ages. It’s just certain social situations I feel out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the follow BTW πŸ™‚

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