Ok. Contestants, if you could just take your places and I’ll present your blogging challenges. We’ve got everything from writing a story in 50 words, haiku’s, prose, flash fiction and so forth….

Well as you’ve probably realised my opening paragraph is pure nonsense but I’ve written it because my topic for today is about a certain genre of TV programmes.

This genre is an offshoot of reality TV and concerns those programmes such as The Great British Bake off and the one I’m thinking of today, the Great British Sewing bee.

Whilst I get extremely fed up with all the repeats on television and the constant remakes of old classics I do like these new reality programmes.

They both cover skills that are not taught as much these days namely baking and sewing. They take ordinary people from all walks of life and then watch them undergoing several challenges under the eye of genial presenters and watchful, discerning , experts in their fields judges. It’s a tried and tested formula and I find the programmes addictive viewing.

At the start of these series there is always a contestant with a stand out quirky character. Some contestants shine straight away, others have a less auspicious beginning. Indeed there are some who are almost written off to begin with but then show signs of improvement and our natural instinct to root for the underdog sets in.

To begin they are set fairly easy tasks to accomplish but as the series continue the challenges and skill sets needed increase. By the end of the series the contestants are taking on major projects and the is where the weaker people are sifted like the chaff from the wheat.

I admire the people who compete in these programmes tremendously and I love learning new ways to bake and sew but there is no way I’d ever subject myself to going on one of these shows. Firstly I don’t have the necessary talent and secondly I don’t work well to deadlines or under pressure.

So. If you’ve never caught up with these programmes I recommend them. They’re easy watching, entertaining and you might learn  something. But please BBC . The great allotment show??? Please no.

Till next time.

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