Isn’t it funny how things aren’t how you remember as a child? Time paints events with a rosy hue. Places seem bigger. Fears seem magnified. Some places are imbued with a sense of deja vu although we can say for certain we’ve never been there before.


This picture shows a path leading to a cave that I visited as a teenager. This cave is located in Carreg Cennan castle in West Wales.

28 years ago was the last time I was here. Then the cave seemed claustrophobic and spooky and very dark. Today revisiting as an adult I was surprised by how relatively spacious and unscary it was.

Time hey? It makes fools of all of us.

We’re so blessed to live where we do. Admittedly it rains a lot but when the sun is shining we are spoilt for choice for beautiful places to visit. There are several beaches less than half an hour away. Multiple castles and breathtaking walks. Blessed indeed.

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