Apparently everyone has a story to tell. One at least unique tale to them. All the choices and events and paths travelled in their lives that conspire to knit the fabric of their times together.

And yet can we all write a book? Do we each have it in us? Or does our ability to be a writer/author depend on our skill in weaving a narrative that will be interesting enough for others to read?

Where does our grammar and grasp of language enter the fray? Is it enough to spell check and hope that if you ever become published a decent editor and proof reader will have your back?

I’m wondering out loud really and asking rhetorical questions. I’m not asking for advice.

A writer writes, period. We write because we must. We write because we can’t not. We write to make sense of the world. But…. What if we’re not a great writer? What if we’re only mediocre? The writing business is harsh and competitive and there will always be people more gifted. Does that mean we should give up?

I don’t think so. I write because it fulfills me. If no one were ever to read my scribblings again I would be sad obviously but I wouldn’t stop because :-

I’m stubborn and

I’m of the belief that you can be good at anything you really desire if you are willing to discipline yourself and go for it all out.

Whatever your method, whether you write so many words each day or a page every morning just do it. Believe in yourself and write. Write through that writer’s block and the times you don’t feel you have anything to say and the times you feel others say it all better than you. Write not to be published (that’s a bonus if it happens) but write for yourself to know that you can.

You never know who will want to read your words.


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