I miss the days of my youth when it was only myself and my mum at home. It was a simpler time. It was a time (shock, gasp) with no mobile phones and reduced technology. I worked 9-5 every day and often my Mother would go to bed before I would so late night TV became my friend on the nights my social life wasn’t very happening. For that read most nights. Actually I’m digressing now because that read reminded me. I did have another friend. Mr or Mrs Book or their offspring, Miss Magazine. I would often spend my evening in the company of these friends too.

Anyone still with me?

It was the sad twilight days of no kindles and the beige maximum allowance of 10 library books so when I fancied a change or had read all my books I would veg and watch TV.

I had sole control of the remote and could watch whatever I wanted. A lot of which was questionable and of poor choice such as Dynasty and EastEnders and Robin of Sherwood but hey it was still my choice.

These days I share custody of the TV  remote with 5 other strong willed people, 4 of which we added to the scenario.

This means I rarely get to watch my choice of viewing. If I’m not being made to sit through children’s TV it’s my other half making me sit through such classics as Top Gear, Myth busters and the entire back catalogue of the Quest channel.

I like these programmes…. the first time, but he enjoys watching them ad finitum.

If you’re reading this and wondering why I simply don’t just get up and do something else well it’s because a strange phenomenon occurs in our house when we sit down on our sofa.

It’s cold in our house so we sit and snuggle with a blanket and once that occurs and the sofa has accepted you as one of it’s own it would be rude to rush away. Also my desire to do anything other than the absolute minimum goes out the window.

We have committed the cardinal sin of putting a TV in our bedroom for such an eventuality but it’s on the top floor of the house and by the time I’m wending my way to Bedfordshire I really just want to sleep.

See. This is what no one tells you about marriage and having children. You will have to learn to share all over again. It’s not so bad. You take it in turns mostly and very occasionally one of you gets to watch or do what you actually want to. At all other times you lie barefacedly that you don’t mind missing your programme for the umpteenth time. And “yes darling, look who is the star in the reasonably priced car again!”.

If all else fails there is always i Player of course.

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