Aren’t we funny and fickle as humans? We crave things and yet when we hold them at last in our grasp we lose our desire for them. We rebel against the things that are good for us and embrace the things that aren’t. We want to be needed but want to be left alone also. It’s a wonder sometimes God doesn’t just wash his hands of us!

Thankfully, by His grace He doesn’t just leave us to our own devices or we’d be sunk. As Paul said our old man is always warring with our new man because the things we want to do we don’t and the things we don’t want to do are the ones we indulge in.

A philosophical thought for this time of night I know….

I was just thinking about my own human nature. It’s been so lovely having these 2 weeks off. No school or work. Always great having family time but by the end I’m craving routine and things to be back to normal. Tomorrow however I’ll be wishing I was on holiday again.

Fickle hey? 🙂

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