Losing my good opinion.

In regards to today’s Daily Prompt I am afraid I side slightly with Mr. Darcy of Pride & Prejudice fame, in that my good opinion once lost is in danger of being lost forever.

I am very good or perhaps very bad at holding grudges. It does, in all fairness take quite a lot over a long period of time to annoy me but once the damage is done I am disinclined to get back on a friendly footing.

Not that people would necessarily realise that as I may appear to be the same towards them but I am aware of a coldness inside with regards to them and a sense of not feeling the same towards them. I can even feel quite uncaring towards them and my sense of trust is greatly diminished. So. That’s me but…..

I am also a Christian which means I strive towards emulating the example of my Saviour, Jesus Christ. The problem is He would have me forgive everyone 70 x 7 or in other words, without limitation.

To be honest this means I usually live my life between the 2 extremes. I know what I should do but I frequently fall short of that. The worst thing is I almost feel justified in my reaction. I think it’s just that as I’ve got older I’ve really had enough of being loyal to people and it being thrown back in my face. Yet there is that whisper of grace in my ear trying to pull me back to the right path..


4 thoughts on “Losing my good opinion.

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  1. It is a tough one forgiving endlessly. For me forgiveness is easy, but it does impact my trust and so I forgive but my defenses are up around those overly enthusiastic perpetrators.

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