I’ve mentioned before about my friend who’s in the middle of divorce proceedings.  Since there’s no man in her house any more she’s taken to asking my husband to do odd jobs for her occasionally.  Which really none of us mind although it’s wearing sometimes. But this week my husband called round there whilst her parents were home to sort out a problem with her TV.  Having rectified the problem he went back to the car to realise he’d gotten a parking ticket!

I felt in a bit of a dilemma.  He was helping her yet it’s not her fault he got a ticket and I knew she couldn’t afford to contribute towards the cost of paying it so didn’t think I’d mention it.  He could have made sure he parked in free parking but it slipped his mind so it was a little his fault too.

It’s just frustrating when you feel you’ve been penalised for doing a good deed!

The most annoying thing was when she did find out she didn’t even seem sorry.  She just told him he should have parked elsewhere which did make me a bit cross as he was doing her a favour. 

Still. These things are sent to try us and we can afford the ticket.  I know though if it had been the other way round I wouldn’t have even hesitated to offer to pay for the ticket. 

Sigh.  Friends hey?

Still we’ve been so blessed by God this year financially and materially I really can’t complain…..

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