Do you ever have a conversation with someone and then thinking on it later wish you could press the rewind or erase button and unsay things? I do.  At other times do you let conversational opportunities slip by when you know you should have spoken up? I do. 

The art of conversation can be a veritable minefield.  I seem to vacillate between saying everything on my mind or indulging in silly talk and regretting it and keeping my own counsel too much too.

Often after the event I look back on times spent socialising and cringe.  I’ve not kept guard on my tongue and as a consequence I’ve embarrassed myself and been a terrible witness to God. I find myself saying silly things that are sometimes untrue to impress people.  I’m guilty also of listening to reply and get my point across instead of listening to understand. 

I suppose the only way to remedy these conversational clangers are to grow up a bit, to become mature.  It seems this doesn’t happen just with age and must be concentrated on. 

The problem is I’ve always been quite an open book and not kept much back.  As I get older though I am realising it’s not good to share everything.  Some things need to be kept hidden particularly for my own sake.

I am conscious of an air of sadness in my life at the moment.  I think that’s to be expected given some of my circumstances but I think it’s also due to feeling disappointed in myself.  Perhaps working on my personal foibles will help lift some of this malaise.

Till next time.


2 thoughts on “Words unspoken.

  1. Your self-criticism is probably due to your air of sadness. Give yourself a break and remember what my husband often says: “People are generally thinking about their own lives, rather than what has been said by another.” I think you are terrific and your air of sadness will pass!

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