I’ve never been to area 51. I wasn’t an observer on the grassy knoll when JFK was shot nor was I around when Marilyn Monroe was found dead at the age of 36.

I was born 2 years too late for the moon landings and thankfully I didn’t witness the awful paparazzi chase through Paris in the early hours one Sunday morning that led to the tragic death of Princess Diana.

However what all these things have in common that intrigue me are conspiracy theories in abundance. I think most of us share that inquisitive part of our nature that wants to discover the truth behind events.  Not in the despicable way that drivers gawp and come to a crawl as they drive past an accident,  but in a desire for truth which is more akin to the neighbors curtains twitching when people have company round.
We want to be the ones in the know.  The first with the hot story or scoop.  That’s why they say knowledge is power because when we have knowledge no one else does we feel powerful. We feel special.

So. Having watched enough “West Wing” and “CSI” I do sometimes wonder why news stories and events are portrayed as they are and how much spin is put on these things. I’m not the sort of theorist that spends hours online every day researching theories and coming up with new ones but it would be naive not to realise that we’re all spoon fed to a certain extent.

We are told,  pretty much what it suits the government and others to tell us.  This is not always a bad thing. For example,  imagine the widespread panic that would ensue if it got out that a mass epidemic had taken hold of the planet. I don’t envy these spin doctors or PR moguls. They tread a thin line between releasing necessary information whilst withholding the essentials.

Sometimes they get it hideously wrong and are held up as examples for us all. Sometimes we need to know about their mistakes. 

A healthy curiosity is one thing but……

Is it really necessary to know whether JFK was assassinated because of the bay of pigs scandal or Cuba invasion?  Do we need to know if Marilyn was quietly got rid of because she’d got close to not one but two Kennedy brothers?  Do I need to visit Roswell,  New Mexico to ascertain if aliens really landed there? Again do I need to know if the moon landings were staged or whether a high up royal ordered the murder of Diana because she had supposedly become an embarrassment to the royal family over her new romantic involvement?

I’m not really convinced that I do.

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