We’re not in Kansas anymore.

I am becoming a bit of a geek.   I love gadgetry and having an up to date smart phone etc.  Given the choice of an invisibility helmet or a time machine or an anywhere door I’ll take the anywhere door.  Well I will today anyway. Who knows what future me might pick?  That’s a question for the time machine but we’re not going there today. 

There is something fantastic and magical about a door that can go anywhere.  I suppose that’s why Lucy opens the wardrobe door and Alice shrinks to fit the smallest door and the door to the secret garden is so special.  There are hints and shadows of other worldliness.  We long sometimes to escape our humdrum lives even just for a short while. We long too to inhabit different personalities and that’s another option the anywhere door gives us.

My anywhere door is an old fairly nondescript mahogany door with too many coats of varnish and vague marks left by it being used as a height chart.  It operates at my command.  To all intents and purposes it blends into the background ignored by and large by those around me only making it’s creaky way into the foreground when I summon it.  It’s been in our family for generations along with a huge slightly rusty key that only just fits the keyhole.  When we reach the age of 12 we inherit it until we outgrow it.  We are taken aside, usually by our mothers and shown how to summon and use the anywhere door.  To begin with,  at that age , we use it for silly and selfish purposes but it has been used in some significant world events.  None of which I’m allowed to speak of unfortunately but I’m sure you can use your imagination.

We gave up many years ago landing in bizarre and unknown places in it and figured out how to suit it to our desires. 

It has been used in all sorts of ways and in all sorts of places and oh the sights we have seen. In a very tight spot and dire emergency we have been able to take a companion along on our travels with us but we usually prefer to travel alone.  It is too difficult and wonderful to explain the special gift we have inherited so to a great extent we do not speak of it.

But I can trust you can’t I?



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