When I was a little girl about the age of 8 I was given the Winnie the Pooh collection to read. I don’t remember if they were a birthday present or not but I do recall being delighted by the gift. 


There were 4 books in this collection by A.A Milne and 2 of them were poetry books that I discarded at the time being more fond of story reading.

From the first page of “The house at Pooh Corner” I was captivated. I grew to love Winnie and Piglet also. Despite being a bear of little brain he was loving and funny. EH.Shepherd’s illustrations brought Winnie and the 100 acre woods to life. 


Originally written for his son , Christopher Matthew,  A.A. Milne’s books went on to enchant scores of other little boys and girls. 

These books draw you in. They tell of friendships and joys and sadness. They are simply written and innocent. They show how friends like Rabbit and Tigger and Eeyore who can be challenging and rub us up the wrong way occasionally are essential in shaping our personalities too.

As an adult and poetry lover I went back to those discarded books of poems and found some real gems such as Vespers and changing guard at Buckingham Palace and it would be remiss not to include my all time favourite “Halfway Down the Stairs”.


If you have never come across these books or read them to your children I recommend them. They’re not very long and can be read in a couple of days. They still make good reading for adults too. I’d almost forgotten that we had Winnie the Pooh on our wedding invitations!



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