Sometimes I wish I could opt out of decision making in life. When money comes in to the household for instance with the way things are it could be used five times over. We need wisdom in this matter.

Next week will hopefully see the culmination to a situation that’s been hanging over us for almost a year. I can’t call it. I can’t be objective. I’m too close to the matter. There are 2 possible outcomes. One brings happiness and relief and a chance to begin anew.  One brings further stress and unhappiness and ongoing struggles. Neither scenario can be influenced by us, except by prayer.

Yet in the midst of money worries and hard times there are moments of joy. Diamonds in the dust that lurk beneath the surface waiting to be discovered and held to the light.

The blessing of being with friends who love us and accept us for who we are. The bags of clothes for the children that mysteriously come to us when needed. The children’s shoes, barely worn, that turn up in the charity shops at a price I can afford. The extreme generosity of friends with no thought of return. The pet food that comes when we are almost out. The possible work for my husband in the offing. The prospect of a well longed for holiday in the Summer.

In all these things God blesses us and shows His hand.  Whether it is the smile on the faces of my kids or the feel of my husband’s hand in mine I feel the love of my Father God who sends me encouragement to know I’m not alone and we matter to Him.

In the times of weeping and worrying and fear I trace that rainbow through the rain, seek out and count my blessings and feel the promise is not vain, that morn shall tearless be. 

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