Solomon peered through the grimy net curtain hung precariously over the hostel window at the street directly outside.  Nothing gave him cause for alarm. His surroundings filled him with distaste. Still, he’d been in worse and no doubt would have to resort to worse before this whole affair was over.

He’d chosen the hostel mainly for it’s central location to the train stations and the road outside. From his vantage point he could see all the exits and turnings off as it wound its
way towards the park on its right. He already had his escape route picked out but he hoped it wasn’t going to be necessary. He thought again about contacting Suze but decided regretfully again it would be better to keep her out of it.

He sighed. Sometimes he felt he’d been running his whole life. Every six months he’d wash up in yet another identical town, their only similarities being they were mainly tourist resorts and easy to hide in.
Then he met Suze, working in the tourist information office of all places, between writing jobs. Then he had a reason to stay. He never told her much about his past although they were friends. He kept her at arms length as he had to. Sometimes he thought she knew. There was a glint of knowledge in her eyes but she kept silent, perhaps reticent to change the status quo.

Even the brief outline of what he’d told her made her beg him to go to the police. He knew it was a waste of time before the harassed sergeant even took his statement. When the bare details were recorded he gazed at it incredulously, tore it up in frustration and accused Solomon of wasting police time. Solomon often wondered what the policeman would have said and done if he could have divulged the full details of the incident he’d witnessed as a child……


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