I have quite random dreams and they sometimes feature people I know so that can be embarrassing. I’m only glad they can’t read my mind.

Dreams are obviously very personal and I seem to dream in a couple of ways. I either dream of things that are on my mind or have completely random dreams that don’t seem connected to anything. I would say though that I dream nearly every night and usually remember my dreams.

It’s a little embarrassing to relate but I often dream that I’m not fully dressed and I’ve gone out like that and am wandering the streets or my old High school or previous work places. What I’m wearing varies from dream to dream. The only consistency is that I’m not completely dressed. This realisation seems to occur to me halfway through my dream and then I run frantically around trying to locate some clothes to cover me fully.

I don’t really set much store by dream analysis but I do believe dreams and interpretations can be given to people as in the case of Joseph in the Bible.

If I absolutely had to analyse this recurring dream I suppose I would say that this dream means I am feeling exposed or put on show to some extent in my real life and I am worried and fearful about being found out or caught out or exposed as a fraud.

I am usually able to realise that I am dreaming throughout this dream and that takes some of the pressure off!

Sweet dreams everyone. ……



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