The chances are I would probably never make the above statement to one of my friends. It isn’t the way we tend to speak any more. Yet it’s such a shame.
For as long as I can remember I have been in love with the English language. I have adored it’s grammar and syntax and melodic sounding words. I have embraced every style of writing, explored poetry and prose and read as many books as I can get my hands on.

Maybe I was born in the wrong century. I quite fancy bustling around a large house in a crinoline. You can guarantee though I would not have been wealthy but kitchen staff instead!

I understand in these days of frantically busy lives there is a place for text speak

and the brevity of 140 characters via Twitter but I feel we are the poorer for not indulging in the romanticism of language. What woman doesn’t want a love letter or a poem that someone has spent time agonising over? 

The very art of writing poetry whether you go for rhyme or prose disciplines your brain to think. It’s something I do a lot. Very few of my poems see the light of day or are intended for public perusal but I feel the cathartic benefit of writing them.

I’m sure Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave sometimes over the way we have denigrated the English language. I know we are busy and we have to move with the times but is it really so difficult to say the whole word? Do we have to abbreviate everything?

It’s a small thing but it saddens me.


4 thoughts on “Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day?

  1. “…but I feel we are the poorer for not indulging in the romanticism of language.” So beautifully said. I ponder this change in our speaking and writing every day! Can’t we just continue to use beautiful language and forget the ways most of the world communicates. Oh, by the way, I shall compare thee blog to a summer’s day. Have a lovely afternoon, Cate

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