I was pretty surprised and appalled this week to read about a Mother who never said No to her children. It got me thinking of all the possible scenarios and implications this lack of parental boundaries could cause.

I believe it’s our job as parents to instil a sense of right and wrong in our children, to develop their inner conscience. If a child never hears the word No from their parent or caregiver how will they learn when they’ve overstepped the mark?

How could they possibly know when they’ve done wrong?

I understand as parents we want to be friends with our children but part of loving our children is letting them know sometimes we are in charge, not them. Not so we can lord our power over them but so we can try to lead by example.

Whilst it might be nice initially for children to have everything their hearts desire it is setting them up for a false impression of life. Real life is not like that. School and jobs and relationships come with set boundaries for a reason, namely without them there would be anarchy.

Although children might rebel and feel chafed sometimes by our no, in the end they will be grateful we cared enough about them to instil some values. It breaks my heart when I see young children wandering the streets at night because their parents don’t know where they are or how to control them.

I’m not talking about teenagers here. I mean young children who should be safe tucked up in bed.

If a child never hears no how will they learn the value of things?
How will they know what situations are dangerous?
How will they learn respect for others or themselves or ultimately their parents?

2 thoughts on “Five minute rant -No Boundaries.

  1. I’ve done a parenting course and they say about setting loving limits. Children need to have boundaries to make them feel loved. Boundaries of course involve the word no!

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