Do you ever get a day when you want to rewind the clock and start the day again? Or failing that take refuge in your bed and hide under your duvet?

Perhaps you are still tired from the night before or the kids wake you up early or you just wake up in a bad mood or got out of bed the wrong side as we call it.
Then woe betide the people around you. The kids get snapped at, the wife or husband come under your fire for the simple act of breathing. You feel out of control and right to be cross. You don’t feel remorseful.

Then guilt sets in. You remember you are a Christian and you’re supposed to be displaying the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Then, you feel a twinge of remorse.

I know this scenario very well because I’m talking about myself. I have days that match this. Days I wish I could erase and do over. Days when my family suffers just by being in my vicinity.

I feel a little like this today. Although I’ve not got in a fight with anyone else I have let myself down over something. Something I’ve been struggling with for a while. I have been selfish. I have not done what I should and spent time on things I should not.

I’m not going to drown myself in guilt here. Us parents feel permanently guilty anyway.

What I am going to do as I can’t go back in a tardis to this morning is draw a line in the sand and let it go.

Yes. I am disappointed with myself. It’s not the first time, pretty sure it won’t be the last. I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself down and all the other clichés and start again.


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