A friend and I parted company on social media this morning. It had been coming on a while. We were friends briefly over 20 years ago and have very little in common.

I posted a link to something I feel passionate about. He intensely disliked it. I suggested perhaps it was better he blocked me and so he did.

Of course it’s always sad when a friendship comes to an end and friends disagree. If it was someone I was closer to I’m sure I’d feel devastated but in this case I feel relieved. I respect his right to have an opinion on the subject. I just don’t happen to share it.

The social media I participate in are my platforms. They are where I go to socialise and to air my views. Given the fact they will hang around in the social ether for many years naturally I have to be cautious from a slander/libel point of view.

I’m a Christian. I hold Christian values and beliefs. I do not look down on friends and family who don’t share my beliefs. Where would be the love in me if I did that?

I will though keep using my platforms to support things that are important to me.




4 thoughts on “Losing a friend.

  1. I had a friend “unfriend” me last year over a question I asked on my FB page. She told me that she didn’t like the content and couldn’t believe I didn’t regret posting it. It was about HUMILITY. She said that FB was her “happy place” and she didn’t want to read about serious subjects…You go, girl!

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