My youngest child is 7 and yesterday she completed a rite of passage she’s been looking forward to for ages. She lost her first tooth. I wasn’t with her at the time but she proudly showed me her tooth gap and her slight lisp when she came home. She is at the age where she doesn’t really believe in the tooth fairy or things like that any more but last night she excitedly pushed her tooth under her pillow before she fell asleep. She was happy this morning to discover a gold coin waiting in its place.

I can’t help feeling slightly sad at this development. She is growing up and although she is still and will always be my baby she is not little any more. She is not so dependent on me. It hurts a little. I know it’s part of life and growing up but I miss my children’s baby days. I think it’s more apparent in her case because we didn’t have the best start together and because it’s pretty likely she will be my last baby.

There are lots of good reasons for having no more children, some of them even worth celebrating. It is just another reminder that a stage of my life has finished. However much you know it’s coming and however much you try to prepare yourself for it you are never ready when it comes.

People always say enjoy your children when they are young as the time passes so quickly, it’s pretty heartbreaking that its true.

4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to babyhood.

  1. Aww can totally get this. Can’t believe that my baby girl has already completed a full year at school. Almost seems like she was never a baby now! As a second time mum I have certainly learnt to cherish the days more but they still pass too quickly! Xx

  2. It is such a paradox; when kids are little, the days and nights seemingly go by at a snail’s pace. Then, they enter the school years and time appears to whiz by at a supersonic rate! My baby will be 15 tomorrow. Your post helped me today. Thank you, Cate

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