I’m not convinced at all that my mad scientist friend has good motives in mind by giving me this chip that allows me to know what others are thinking.

Whilst it might be nice and even helpful occasionally to know what others are thinking I think there are more occasions when it would be damaging and destroying.

Would I want to know that the interviewer has already decided on first glance that I’m unsuitable for the job I’m desperately hoping to get?  Would I want to know what my fellow gym members are thinking as I lollop on the treadmill?  Does the minister want to know that sometimes people are thinking of what they’re going to eat when they get home when they’re meant to be concentrating on the sermon? Do I want to know that my husband doesn’t like me that day?

I think if I ever had the ability to know other people’s thoughts I’d be tempted to use it to my advantage, to sway their opinion or make them act in the way I want. Perhaps that’s just me.

The thing is we all have vile thoughts that come unbidden into our minds sometimes. Mean and cruel and things we would never say out loud so as not to hurt people. That is human nature. We constantly war between our good and evil nature.

I am already insecure and paranoid enough sometimes anyway without adding to it. On occasion it can be better not to know things. Although at least you’d know why your mad scientist friend gave you the chip. ………


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