It should not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me or reads my blog regularly that I was a bookish child. By that I mean reading was and still is a form of escapism for me. I’m always excited to discover new authors and new genres of writing. In fact I feel very disappointed if I don’t have a couple of books on the go at one time.

As an adolescent I gathered most of my ideas about romance and love from the classics I read. I’m still upset that we don’t live in a more Jane Austen world.

I seem to spend a lot of time now reading young adult books stolen from my eldest daughter’s book shelves. This is the genre I’m attempting to place my first novel in. It’s handy having your own critic living in the same household with you!

All that being said whilst there is something romantic and dashing and dangerous about myths and dragons and peril there is an essence to the classics that is difficult to replicate. Hence Pride and Prejudice being my favourite work of fiction.

I have realised lately there are a good number of classics I’ve still not read. I’m currently reading “To kill a mockingbird”. I fell in love with the black and white film adaptation starring Gregory Peck. I’m often disappointed when my favourite books are made into films. There are always details and important things that are left out due to timing or harsh editing. It completely spoils the experience for me.

So. ….. how about you? Do you love to read? Or only read when necessary?


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