You know those affirming posts you read on Pinterest etc that highlight people’s good deeds and restore your faith in humanity? Well sadly this post focuses on the opposite of that.
I am sickened and shocked again today by man’s inhumanity to man regarding the stories that are coming to light concerning flight MH17.

As if it is not awful enough that this plane was shot down by a missile and everyone on board lost their lives now people are looting and ransacking through their suitcases and possessions. And what truly beggars belief is they are boasting about it.

One young woman has posted a photograph of herself with a mascara product taken out of someone’s case. She seems to have no qualms about it and is happily posting it on to the Internet for all too see. I must stress there is some idea this could be a hoax and she does say she did not take the item herself but was given it by her “friend” but if this photo turns out to be genuine she shows a remarkable lack of judgement and compassion.

These tragic events seem to bring opportunitists out of the woodwork who thrive on other people’s misfortune and misery. I would like to know how they would feel if the tables were turned and it was happening to a member of their family. I’m sure they’d be the ones baying for blood the most loudly.

As in the case of the credit card that was ransacked from luggage by another looter and used. This is another event that has come to light today.

Maybe I’m looking at this wrong and being judgemental myself.  Perhaps some of these looters are living in dire straits and are desperate themselves. If that is genuinely true then I feel sorry for them but my ultimate compassion is with the victims of MH17 and their families.


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