James Cameron, the director of Avatar, said this week “I’m a luddite, but I’m a high tech luddite”. He embraces modern technology and uses it for his purposes but he uses social media very little. He does not like being tied to a smartphone either, saying he prefers to live in the moment rather than glancing down at a phone screen continually.

I’m not a luddite. I get excited by new technology of my choosing and of my budget. Therefore I have a very up to date smartphone but an older television. I’m not someone who has to continually update their gadgets. In fact, to a certain degree, I regret the impact my gadgets have on my life. I enjoy social media and keeping in touch with friends. I text and whatsapp a small amount of people but get frustrated by the communication involved sometimes. Particularly the difference in texting styles between men and women.

I mentioned to my husband I was wanting to take a journal away with us on holiday so I can do some writing long hand. So much of my writing is written on my mobile or a computer. I was ecstatic he was thoughtful enough to come home with one for me from a shopping trip. There’s nothing like a book that hasn’t been written in yet. The optimism and excitement of a crisp fresh blank page.

I’ve been keeping this blog almost a year now. I’m not good at finishing anything so I’m proud of myself that writing regularly has become a way of life for me. To the point that I need to take this journal away because I’ll miss being able to write on holiday.

Whilst writing online and on my phone are wonderful they lack the intimacy of a written letter. Like the love letters my husband and I used to exchange and look forward to I’m nostalgic for snail mail.

I want to move with the times like everyone else with regards to technology but I hanker after a simpler unplugged handwritten life.


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