I sometimes study pictures or photographs of strangers. Not in any suspicious way more a wondering who they are . Does a picture truly convey a thousand words? If a person is smiling are they really happy? Are a couple really in love or does the camera ever lie? Well of course we know from evidence that pictures can be misleading. They cannot show what people are like inside or the turmoil their lives may be in. We give so much credence to how we look and our reflections yet barely half the same exertion to the inside.
I hate being tagged in pictures. If my husband or children take an unflattering photo I ask them to delete it. I’m very rarely satisfied with any photograph of myself. I don’t consider myself photogenic. This shouldn’t bother me yet it does. I guess Solomon had it right when he lamented “Vanity, vanity all is vanity. “.

The unfortunate reality is we all over egg the pudding. We paint a portrait on social media of our happy lives and the exciting things we’ve been doing.

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to go to a premiere of a well known television show. We queued behind a barrier for an hour waiting for the actors to appear and when they did yes it was exciting to be part of.

After we’d been there for a while though I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the leading actor. There were so many pieces of paper being thrust at him to sign. So many people wanting his acknowledgement. I know that is part and parcel of being well known and he was very gracious to his fans. However I bet there was part of him that was glad to go home and close the door and sink onto the sofa and unmask that persona.

It’s exhausting pretending to be someone else all the time. Sometimes the masks must fall and the greasepaint be removed. We must have a space in our lives where we can just be. To be loved and accepted for who
we really are, warts and all as they say!

Till next time.

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