I’ve never been one of those parents who doesn’t like spending time with their children. Unlike my husband who does it jokingly I don’t rejoice when the holidays end and they return to school. I miss them.

We have 4 children, and at times as kids do they argue and almost come to blows. That is part of having a large family but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The benefit of having 4 means they always have someone to play with. If they’ve fallen out with one sibling there’s another to spend time with.

It feels as if I spend all my time wishing the weeks away until the school holidays arrive. I’m fortunate enough to work in an
educational environment so I have the same holidays as the children.

I love the flexibility of holiday time especially now the children are older. We get up later, spend lots of quality time together and basically relax and recharge our batteries.


By the very last week of the long Summer break the nerves are beginning to show. Somehow we have to get the children and ourselves back into a routine. The children are cranky, we’ve eaten too much and not exercised enough and the washing is piling up. Whilst a little indulgence and indiscipline is pleasurable nobody can live like that full time.

Children need a good night’s sleep and a sensible diet. They need to go to school and learn. I need to go to work. The washing needs to be done.

The holiday laissez faire attitude is not meant to last. It’s not sustainable. Perhaps you’ve read this post in horror because you’re the type of parent who instils strict discipline and routine on your children constantly. I believe that children need to break away from their routine sometimes and as long as they are happy and clothed and fed there is no harm in making family memories.

Here’s to the next holidays!


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