If I were ever fortunate enough to have my blog recorded into an audio book I would love it to be voiced by the actor Alan Rickman.
He’d probably find it as dull as dish water but his smooth, velvety tones would be able to make something magical out of the most dire writings.

His voice has an almost hypnotic quality that draws you in and leaves you clamouring to hear it again.

Whether the almost agonisingly slow drawl of Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films or the clichéd boss enamoured with his secretary in Love Actually he always brings a conviction to his speech and roles.

That and the fact he’s easy on the eyes too.

So, what do you think Alan? Interested?☺


6 thoughts on “The Story of my life, obviously

  1. Oh lord! How I love Alan Rickman. The fact that I turned thirty this year means I have officially been obsessed with him for half my life. Ooh he’s delicious. 😉 x

    1. Me too. He was very talented and seemed a lovely person too. I don’t usually get upset over celebrities but had a few tears in my eyes when I heard he had died. He will be missed indeed. Always. 🙂

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