A year ago today I began this blog. I can’t believe time has gone so quickly since then. I initially began it to give voice to my thoughts and it has proved to be cathartic many times. I also wanted to practice and improve my writing.

Through the Daily prompts, the weekly photo prompts, poetry and fiction writing I have definitely gained in experience. Whether I have improved in quality is for my readers to judge of course.

It has been a privilege and a hardship sometimes to express my opinions on current affairs or mini rants as I label them. A privilege to be able to speak out and a hardship to know where to censor myself occasionally.

Many times I have faced the dreaded “Writer’s Block”. Some posts I have been able to write through. Others I have had to put aside to come back to at a later time.

So. Given that it’s been a year, what has changed in the last 12 months? As my tagline suggests I’m still slightly stressed only now I have even more to juggle. We are still awaiting a huge family breakthrough in a matter I have alluded to in the past. I can say candidly had I known it would still be ongoing I would have taken to my bed, pulled the covers over my head and not come out!

The biggest advantage of writing my thoughts in this blog is I have learned to live under the umbrella of gratitude for all the good things in my life. My husband, my children, my family and friends and my God.

Lastly I have been privileged to share my simple musings with my readers. To those who have been with me from the start and to my newest followers I want to say Thank you . You are the reason I even attempt to write and I cherish you all even the hecklers! 😉

You may have noticed my posts are not as frequent as they were. I found daily posts to be too arduous with a part time job and school holidays. I may return to it in the future. I am aiming for quality not quantity.

As for projects on the go I have written the first couple of chapters to 3 novels. All are projects I am excited about pursuing. Still needing to work on my discipline though.

Till next time and thanks again



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