Imagine being the type of person who can’t take things at face value, who over analyses everything and reads things into things that aren’t really there. Then imagine that this over thinking sometimes becomes so arduous you would do anything to be able to switch it off,  then you have some idea of who I am.

Fortunately I do not live in this state all the time otherwise I would be permanently exhausted. It seems to worsen at stressful times in my life. I truly wish I were not like this. It can suck the joy and marrow out of conversations and encounters in my life.

However there have been times where my over thinking has been helpful. It has enabled me to pick up on subtle nuances and clues in conversations that other people  miss. It can give me some idea how other people are feeling and help me hear things that may not be voiced.

I suppose it is a blessing and a curse being an over thinker. A curse because it can make you selfish and self obsessed and a blessing because it alerts me to things that might need to be addressed.


This post is in response to today’s Daily Prompt.


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