Today at work I had to make myself take a time out. I was getting increasingly stressed about something so trivial. I’m very hard on myself and I do like to appear capable to others so this can happen on a fairly regular basis!

I’m almost ashamed to tell you the incident …….

Yesterday at work I had noticed that the secondary till receipt was running low. In a slow period today I decided to be proactive and change it so it didn’t run out on me in the middle of a transaction.

First mistake!

Of course as soon as I’d taken the old roll out I was swamped with a bevy of customers causing me to lose concentration. You’ve probably guessed what comes next. I could not remember for the life of me how to reinsert the fresh till roll. I tried figuring it out by looking at it. No joy. I don’t think like that. I went so far as downloading the till manual. Still no joy.
You need to see this till to realise my difficulty. It’s not a current epos till. It was probably new 20 years ago so that didn’t help.

It won’t be my finest hour to admit I even went so far as to ask some of my customers if they knew how to insert it. I’m probably fortunate they didn’t tell me where to get off.

Meantime in the midst of this happening I was busy with customers, had a big delivery come in that needed unpacking and had missed a call from my daughter’s school to come and collect her because she was ill.

This was pretty much the last straw. I couldn’t leave work to collect her as I work alone so there was no one to cover. My husband was in an important meeting so couldn’t do it either. I spent half an hour worrying about that until I learnt her grandmother could pick her up.

Any one of those things would have been fine. It was the combination of them that had me pulling my hair out.

I knew the till roll needed to be in place for the banking at the end of the day so I made myself take 5 minutes out to sit and think about nothing in particular . That brief period of not thinking or stressing over the till roll gave me the common sense to see how it needed to go back in. 2 minutes and an arrow prayer later and it was done and I was feeling pretty silly for getting so fed up.

It’s a technique I’ve learnt fairly recently. To focus my attention on something else and give myself a breather. It definitely works!


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