“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” according to the old saying. Yet if I were to walk into the house of an acquaintance to discover it was the same as mine I think I would have 2 responses.

My initial response would be to congratulate them on their good taste, my second would be to run away from a rather creepy “Single White Female” situation!

My Mother when she comes to visit, always remarks that she doesn’t know where I get my taste from because my husband and I have a knack of picking up lovely things to dress our home. She also says I have champagne taste on lemonade money but that’s a different story.

I love this prompt idea but I can never imagine it happening in my own life. If my friends admire my taste or belongings and replicate it to some degree I don’t mind that. I would be offended if someone went the whole hog and copied everything about my life.

I’ve always been limited to some degree by money so I don’t have the finest or latest possessions. Instead I have possessions that are special to me because I’ve gone out and sourced them or my husband and I have bought them over the course of our time together.

I don’t need to have brand names or designer labels or someone else telling me what is in style. I have my own ideas.

There is an episode of the US version of The Office where Phyllis gets married. Everything about her wedding is identical to the choices Pam made for her wedding to Roy even down to the wedding dress. The odd thing is Phyllis never addresses the fact. I can’t decide if she copies Pam because she admires her taste or because she’s too lazy to have her own ideas. Either way if it were ever to happen in my life I’d be flattered but would probably have to have a serious talk with my Doppelganger!



3 thoughts on “Flattered as I am…….

  1. Nice post 😊
    I also love each and every thing in my home, they are special to me and I too don’t believe that our lovely possessions should have big brand labels on them…

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