What is it that makes us family? Is it that initial joining at the altar or the precious moment our babies are born? Is it the countless sleepless nights spent rocking a reluctant baby off to sleep? Is it the hand dispensing medicine and the comfort of an embrace in the middle of the night? Is it the multitude of shopping trips with the trolley laden with children and groceries? Is it the time we spend refereeing our children’s arguments whilst trying desperately not to take sides?
Is it that hand that finds and holds on to yours in the blackness of night? Is it the  coffee you find on waking in the mornings? Is it the person who knows to be silent in moments of deepest despair? Is it the moments of laughter where the tears spill from our eyes and our sides ache from laughing so much?

Is it the bag of groceries left on your doorstep in a time of need? Or the envelope of money slipped through your letterbox when extra money is needed? Is it that phone call from a friend when you’re feeling low? Is it that text that arrives in your inbox and lights up your day?

Is it the grace extended to us who are so undeserving? Is it the constant love of a shepherd for his people?

Is it the moment you come home and lock the world outside and relax your smile and your mask and are loved for yourself?

Our ideas of family and friends will be shaped somewhat by our backgrounds and upbringings. It will be different to all of us. Very few families fit the traditional 2 parents, 2.4 children and 1 car any more.

Family is not or should not be dictated by having the latest fashions or possessions or holidaying in the most sought after destinations. It is a myriad of countless little details that when combined mean we are home.


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